[Wiki] Australian Extras & Modifications

Welcome to the Australian Extras & Modifications Deck Wiki!* :australia: :tada::star2:

This project is now ABANDONED. For Australian Med School content, please join the Malleus Clinical Medicine Project

The following is for archive purposes:

This deck is intended as a supplement to the main AnKing deck ‘AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 & 2’ for Australian Medical Students with replacement cards to correct information that contradicts the Australian guidelines.

To take full advantage of the deck please use the optional tag Australia on the AnKing deck*, and suspend the cards tagged:

You can access the optional tag here: Click ‘…’>Manage Optional Tags>Australia

*If you wish to contribute to the deck you must join the optional tag

Information for this deck is based on:

How to Contribute

Unfortunately, it is quite a complicated process to add new cards, but if you follow these steps it should work perfectly. Please reach out to me if you are having any issues or you see any errors in this Wiki.

Suspend an incorrect card from the AnKing deck

  1. Identify a card that contradicts any of the Australian Guidelines.
  2. Tag the card:

If you do not wish to create a replacement card, tag as:

if you will create a replacement card, tag as:

  1. Remove any other optional tags that are not longer relevant
    For example:
  2. In the browse window: Right click>AnkiHub: Suggest Optional Tags
  3. If you wish to create a replacement card following the steps below

Replace a card from the AnKing deck

  1. Complete the relevant steps above
  2. In the browse window in the toolbar click Notes>Create Copy…
  3. Modify the card to match any of the Australian guidelines listed above.
  4. Place a link to the relevant guideline in the ‘Additional Resources’ textbox, e.g.

Therapeutic Guidelines

  1. (Optional) Place the original note ID at the bottom of the ‘Extra’ textbox.
    This can be found by Right click>Info… on the original card

Original Note ID: 1585757111696

  1. (Important!) In the card edit dialogue, change the Note type to ‘AnkiOverhaul (Australia / lewi0390@flinders.edu.au )
    If you fail to do this, the card will sync with the main AnKing deck, rather than this one.
  2. Re-tag the card to
    Ensure you have removed the other Optional_Tags::Australia tags as above
  3. (Optional) In the same dialogue, change the deck by adding ‘Australia::’ after ‘AnKing’
    AnKing::Step 1::Zanki Step Decks
    AnKing::Australia::Step 1::Zanki Step Decks
  4. Click :crown: Suggest a new note’ in the edit dialogue, or ‘Right click>AnkiHub: Bulk suggest notes’ in the Browse window
  5. Done :heart:

If anyone can come up with a more streamlined approach please let me know on here or email me at lewi0390@flinders.edu.au.