[Wiki] AZCOM OMS 2 Spring by capitaojkt

Welcome to the AZCOM OMS 2 Spring Deck Wiki! :tada::star2:

This wiki topic is a starting point for discussions about AZCOM OMS 2 Spring. :partying_face::star_struck::heart_eyes:

:warning: If you want to make updates to the deck ensure that you first have the latest update from the group. Then select any new/modified cards in your anki browser window, right click and select “Bulk suggestion”. From there you fill in the “rationale” for the edits and can either select “submit without review” if you are a manager of the deck and confident that the cards are ready or leave the box empty for the rest of the group to approve of the new cards/edits.

!!MAKE SURE THAT YOUR NOTE TYPE SAYS “AZCOM OMS 2” in it, or it won’t sync!!!