[Wiki] BioChemistry-2 by scalbioanat33

Biochemistry 2 Deck or CHEM-3332 ANKI Deck
Based on Leigners principles of biochemistry. I do not own any images produced in the deck. Using this deck, you agree you bought the required book and course. Everything in this deck is for educational purposes only!

86 first exam
94-second exam (cards for this section are much more improved, in my opinion)
94- Third Exam (Cards strong till 18.3) 19 not added because of low quality and time issues
86-Final exam (I was very weak in chapter 19 cost me a lot of points). A couple of questions got struck for being too vague (The instructor seemed very busy and rushed).
For example, what are steps 4,5,6, and 7 etc …all with no context or clue to any cycle, lol

I apologize for the absence and delay in the cards. A family issue occurred late in my semester, and upon graduating, I took two weeks to get away from everything. I probably will not use this deck and switch to an MCAT one, as this one is very detailed.
I apologize for not uploading new cards. I thought the deck automatically was uploading my new cards.

This deck might be weak because we were allowed a cheat sheet for diseases and cycle regulations (first exam only for cycles regulation ie glycolysis and gluconeogensis) . I still have a lot of memory-intensive questions and graphs because I think understanding and memory will help you more than any cheat sheet, especially because you were very limited as to what you could have on it, and it would have to be approved. So whatever I wish I could know on the exam became a flashcard. I would highly recommend testing yourself at least once a day after cycle questions to see if you could draw out cycles or imagine the flashcards in your head.

Im just making this deck with the hopes that people can improve it in the future. If you are interested in maintaining or adding new chapters etc, please email at scalbioanat33@gmail.com (please send multiple emails in case I miss the first one).