[Wiki] EndeavorOverhaul by Serene

The EndeavorOverhaul deck is a combination of two decks: the Endeavor Cumulative Rotation Deck and the Endeavor PANCE Review Deck, both made by u/EndeavorPA – massive thanks for all the hard work! For further information, see Endeavor’s original reddit post.

These decks were originally uploaded as two separate decks to AnkiHub by mmatheso, with permission from u/EndeavorPA. We have combined them in an effort to continue to develop one consistent, high-quality resource for studying for your EORs, EOC, and PANCE.

What Has Changed?

  • To make the cards more sleek, consistent, and user-friendly, all notes have been converted to a slightly modified AnKingOverhaul note type.

  • All cards that utilized “overlapping clozes” have been converted to AnkingOverhaul cloze one-by-one.

  • The decks are now organized by Hierarchical Tags, instead of by decks and subdecks. The Hierarchical Tags are reflective of the PAEA Exam Topic Lists for EORs and the NCCPA PANCE Blueprint for the PANCE. For example, a card about conduction disorders will be tagged specifically as “!EOR::EM::EM_CV::Conduction_Disorders”, which will allow you to better tailor your study topics to specific disorders within a larger body system.

  • We are also in the process of adding tags for popular high-yield resources (such as Sketchy, Pathoma, OME, Osmosis, etc.).

  • Having the decks organized by tags allowed us to DELETE all word for word duplicate cards. u/EndeavorPA intentionally created duplicate cards for topics that were important to know in more than one EOR, but we can instead just tag one card to multiple EOR categories. Deck collaborators are encouraged to flag/tag/suggest changes to other near duplicate or overly redundant cards, so that we can continue to clean up the deck.
    – – Please help us find these duplicates by tagging them and submitting a change suggestion, or by submitting a deletion suggestion for the duplicate note while including the Anki Note ID of the note you want to keep.

  • All of the antiquated tags from Endeavor’s original source decks (Zanki, Wiwa, lolnotacop, DocZays, etc.) have been consolidated and will continue to be cleaned up/removed.

At the very least, you will want to have the following add-ons:

  • AnkiHub (duh)
  • Special Fields
  • Hierarchical Tags

After subscribing to the deck and importing it to Anki, you will have to import the media separately, which can be found here: #EndeavorDeck_Media.zip - Google Drive

IF YOU ALREADY HAVE THE ENDEAVOR DECK, and want to update to this collaborative deck, please read here: Updating Endeavor to EndeavorOverhaul - Google Docs


As you work through the cards, be on the look out for cards that do not have updated tags, inaccurate information, or media that is not sorted into the proper field, and please make a suggestion to fix it! Feel free to suggest new cards that cover information that you feel is lacking in the current deck. Updates, additions, tags, & corrections will continue to be made to this version on a daily to weekly basis; please make suggestions and comments and they will be incorporated.

– – Please help us find these duplicates by tagging them and submitting a change suggestion, or by submitting a deletion suggestion for the duplicate note while including the Anki Note ID of the note you want to keep.

I’m really dumb when it comes to ANKI. How do I download this anki deck? The only link I see is to the original page, which takes me to the one where both decks are still separate, not a combined deck. Sorry, can anyone help? Thanks!

@macmed10 Apologies for the delayed response!

The combined deck is available here. Click Subscribe in the upper right and you should be prompted to then go to Anki and sync it with AnkiHub. It will then prompt you to install the EndeavorOverhaul deck.

Hey, I could download the deck & import the google drive file, however it seems only the Sketchy images synced. The UWorld & PPP images are still listed as just the file name. Is there a way to fix this?

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@tomnooksbff This is unfortunately a known issue that we are working on. I will edit this with an update as we progress…

no stress. Thanks for the update!

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Sorry to hear this, @mc_512.

Use the unzipped file.

Are you importing in Anki via the AnkiHub menu > Import Media > Local Folder > Browse > [ unzipped file ] ?

Could you send a screenshot of the error you’re getting?

I’m having trouble updating my old endeavor deck to the overhaul. I followed the doc and it imported as a separate deck but also made changes to the old one (surgery now only has 2 neuro cards which doesn’t sound right lol) Here is a screenshot if anyone has any suggestions

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@kgordon429 Sorry this is happening. I’m not sure exactly what is happening, but I just tried doing a clean install on my end with the old decks → new and we may have different card counts. I had some issues with this sort of thing when I first upgraded to the Overhaul, and I believe I just ended up moving all of my old cards into the new EndeavorOverhaul deck.

The new deck is not set up to use subdecks, which may be messing with where your cards are going. Instead, it uses tags since one card may be valid for several EORs and the PANCE. I simply created a filtered deck for each EOR I was studying for using the umbrella tag for that topic, e.g. ‘tag:!EOR::SURGERY’ or whatever.

The tagging process is slow work, and we are gradually working to consolidate and update the tags to reflect the material. This is a crowd-sourced endeavor, so any tags you suggest may be incorporated.

Hope this helps.

The UWorld & PPP images are still listed as just the file name?? Plz solution

I’ve been trying to use sketchy images for learning, but I’m finding that they’re not syncing . I’m having some trouble with them. Do you have any other suggestions or methods that might work better for me? Thanks

Hi, some of my cards have been randomly showing up as blank until I hit the spacebar and then the answered card shows up. Any advice on how to fix this?

@daverose64 Hmm. Any specific cards that are doing this? Have you tried looking for Empty Cards?

@naserhamdi I am working to contact the other deck maintainer about this, but so far do not have any answers for you about the PPP or UW images being listed as text/file names.

What is happening with your Sketchy images? Are these images that you are uploading or are they part of the Endeavor deck that are not syncing or showing up as ‘missing media’ or something else?

I have been facing an issue with the “sketchy images”. Despite my attempts to delete and add them back in, the problem persists. I have noticed that while other images show up perfectly, the sketchy ones remain invisible, they are not missed in the field. The file indicates that everything is present and correct, but for some reason, the sketchy images just won’t show up. The images may not be synchronized because I already downloaded them from the link you provided. Thank you very much for your work despite everything. I appreciate it. It’s super amazing!

When you are adding these sketchy images in yourself, are you submitting a suggestion to AnkiHub to include the new media? Or is it that when you add the image to a card, no image appears initially on your end?

@naserhamdi @tomnooksbff
The good news is that the nonsensical text strings in these fields do not represent missing images/media, but are an artifact from initial deck creation. They are actually the AnkiHub note ID for that note. Please feel free to ignore the nonsense text (or, better yet, help us by deleting it and submitting a suggestion to AnkiHub).