[Wiki] Evidence-Based Medicine by charlesnandes

:stethoscope: Welcome to the Evidence-Based Medicine Deck Wiki! :stethoscope:

I uploaded this deck as I noticed there were no decks on evidence-based medicine (EBM) on our platform. The deck is still a work in progress and will include subdecks on articles, UpToDate and the books: Evidence-Based Physical Diagnosis, The Rational Clinical Examination and The Patient History.

The “Articles” subdeck will only contain information based on studies w/ a high grade evidence, but mainly will include trials and systematic reviews.

The “Evidence-Based Physical Diagnosis” subdeck is based on the book of the same title and includes likelihood ratios, images, and GIFs from physical exams, and applicability of the sign, divided based on the chapters.

The Rational Clinical Examination” subdeck is based on the book of the same title, divided based on the chapters. It includes explanations about the symptoms/signs, the pathophysiology of them, what’s useful for diagnosis (LR> 2 or LR <0.5), if further labs/images are necessary, and clinical cases to consolidate information.

The “Patient History” subdeck is divided based on the chapters. It includes the main questions you should ask your patient, alarm signs/symptoms, likelihood ratios, and prevalence rates.

And, finally, UpToDate subedkc is divided in others subdecks (currently): Primary Care, Paediatric and Internal Medicine. I’ve planned to add “Surgery”, “Ob-Gyn” & “A&E”. It includes articles from the source cited by names.

Each chapter will have its own tags, and I hope to finish everything by the end of the year (2024). If you want to help me to build this deck, please send me an email!

I invite you to give your opinions, suggest other evidence-based materials, and add new cards.

IMPORTANT: I’m currently using cloze deletion from AnKing, but I plan on renaming the fields. Right now, I’m placing materials in “Extra” and “Lecture Notes,” but this will change soon. Gimme some ideas for my Instagram account "charlesnandes or email me “charlesfernandes720@gmail.com”.

As for myself, I’m a fifth year medical student in Brazil, dreaming of becoming a doctor in the UK.