[Wiki] Learning Beginning and Medical Spanish by conwork

I noticed that there weren’t any great resources for steadily learning Spanish and then transitioning to medical Spanish. Many old shared decks included half-finished or web-scraped inaccurate pictures. I’ve started this deck with the intent to keep working through it, and have others contribute so that we can have something that will survive.

The media for this deck can be found here: Learning Beginning and Medical Spanish.zip - Google Drive

This deck is a compilation of three different collaborative anki decks. You can find links to those decks below. I have begun work on the “Spanish 9000 sentences with native audio” format as well as retagging most of the Medical Spanish deck to fit prior subdecks.

1.) Spanish 9000 sentences with native audio
2.) Medical Spanish
3.) Ultimate Spanish Conjugation

You can contact me at ‪(224) 442-4298‬ if you have any direct questions.

Awesome man. Thanks a ton. Can you help me out with the media packages? It’s not intuitive how to upload the media into Anki. Used Anki extensively throughout med school and packages always opened in Anki automatically.

@albers1 , Not sure if you found a solution, but they have a pretty good page on it here!!