Would love to collaborate and expand deck/resources

We would love to tag/expand the deck based on: (please PM me if you want to help)

  • Faust - great board review book
  • Open Anesthesia Key Words
  • UKY Videos - would be great for the audio/visual learners
  • Super High Yield Anesthesia - great for med students, I would be happy to work with any MS3/4 to help beef up their CV for residency applications.
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Hey Jacob, Im an MS4 interested in helping if need be!

M3 willing to help as well!

OMS3 here interested in helping!

M3 here willing to help!

Anything for current resident?

MS3 also willing to help!

MS3 willing to help as well! Please reach out to me anytime.

OMS2 here. Happy to help if youโ€™re looking to continue/pass on work!

Iโ€™m so excited to see so many of your responses so rapidly! We have work that can be done on any level whether itโ€™s a med student or a resident. I will DM all of you projects we are doing, we should start a WhatsApp or slack to further divide and conquer.

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MS4. Would love to help if any opportunities are still available!

Sent you all a message.