[02.03.2024] New content, AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 & 2/AnKingMed, ID 1039016

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@anking-maintainers think these are both great changes!


Don’t think compression of abdominal aorta is a cause. I think it’s just an association. Support clozr on SHS, but not adding aorta to list, can mention in extra but definitely not in text.

Both are involved - the technical name is aortocaval compression :slight_smile:

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Agree to the name, but the pathophys is not aortic compression

Read under title pathophysiology ^

The card seems to imply that aortic compression is also part of pathophys

AMBOSS: * Gravid uterus → compression of the abdominal aorta and IVC → impaired venous return and decrease in cardiac outputplacental hypoperfusion → fetal hypoxiadeceleration (CTG)

Agree with change suggested by siam.med, both are being compressed

Tagged UWorld NID mention IVC only…

Like the change, should also update nid:1547308560588 which calls it “IVC Syndrome”. Amboss says “caused by compression of the inferior vena cava (less commonly also the abdominal aorta) by the enlarged uterus” in summary. Maybe change to something similar?


Agree, they seem like the same thing

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I’d also suggest adding step2 obgyn tags to this cards to this as well - happy to add them as a separate suggestion if others agree


Do think the IVC is more important to know based off UWorld but if FA23 and AMBOSS include abdominal aorta I’m fine if we do

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Should we do " ± " instead of “&” I feel like this would include the Aorta but keep the emphasis on IVC

@AnKing-Maintainers What about "the {{c1::inferior vena cava}} & {{c1:: abdominal aorta}} (less commonly)


Still think abdominal aorta shouldn’t be added, because UWorld and StatPearls don’t mention it, only amboss does. But hey, democracy is democracy.

updated text as per discussion above - think it should be good to accept @Ahmed7 @herstein.jacob @Cameron @Sameem @Jwill


You can use @ anking-maintainers everyone to tag btw!

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Good to push