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can also do "can be improved by weight {{c1::loss}} or wearing looser clothes

That’d work too but then I think the bit about wearing looser clothes would give it away. Maybe move the looser clothes bit to the top of the extra with that change?

Both are pretty obvious - can’t see anyone thinking weight gain would help improve Meralgia paresthetica aha

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So do you think like lifestyle intervention plus move the loose clothes bit to extra?

ya think that’s better, would still leave wearing looser clothing in text though, things are easily missed / forgotten about in extra section


I would prefer

But let’s see what the consensus is

@herstein.jacob @CTE_BrainDamage

Yeah, I agree. Don’t want to de-emphasize the tight fitting clothing as afaik that’s one of the main causes we test on elsewhere


What about can be improved by weight {{c1::loss}} or {{c1::wearing looser clothes::clothing}}

We could do

improved by weight {{c1::loss::gain/loss}} or wearing {{c1::looser::looser/tighter}} clothes

But I don’t think it would be entirely necessary.

I like the version you just proposed

I don’t want to make this too hard, but I am open to this being relatively overhauled because I agree that it’s super obvious right now - for example, "improved by {{c1::losing weight & wearing looser clothes::2 lifestyle modifications}}. Still, harder is not always better for retention… might send this one in Slack for discussion

I like your version. @Anking-maintainers are we good with Jacob’s version?

I still think the below version conveys the info just as much in a simpler way. You don’t need to memorize everything word for word. This version below tests concept rather than how much you can memorize the wording

improved by weight {{c1::loss::gain/loss}} or wearing {{c1::looser::looser/tighter}} clothes


Agree with @Ahmed7

Personally think it’s fine as is, if you know the causes from nid:1496701381425 (obesity, tight clothing, pregnancy), then the treatment is pretty obvious without even doing this card. Okay with the suggestion by @herstein.jacob if others agree with it though

Fine with @Ahmed7 version as well! Mine was just an alternative to resolve the “this is obvious” issue

Ok if no objection by the end of the day let’s approve @Ahmed7 's version