[02.16.2024] New Tags, AnKing-MCAT/AnKingMed, ID 1064943

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@Brian_BH I will accept the other suggestion with QID 403865 taken out since I saw you shared over another suggestion thread that it was misattributed; thank you for sharing rationale for the other 2 QIDs; in the future, it would be great if you could post rationales for all QIDs within one suggestion; I believe the suggestion box can be expanded to be more conducive towards this

Ah, okay I hadn’t even thought of that as being an option. I typically sort of dink through and attribute each question as I’m reviewing them myself, so they sort of trickle by as I make my way through reviews (as, also, why you’re seeing them come up in bunches of one subject as a time, as I worm my way through UWorld).

I just want to make sure I understand right: if it’s easier for you that I put all the QID’s in one suggestion, how best to go about that?

For example, my typical workflow is that I’ll do, say, 20 questions on UWorld. Once I’m done with those I go back through and see which ones seem like likely candidates for tagging. I tag one question, add the rationales (which I wasn’t doing before, sorry about that), and then hit the ‘suggestion’ button. Then I go onto the next question, add tag, add rationale, hit suggest, rinse and repeat, etc. How would I go about it to post all QID’s in one suggestion as you’ve suggested?

I should’ve clarified that it would be all QIDs relating to one note. That is what you’ve previously done when it comes to tagging, but the only change would be with rationales - more specifically including the rationale for each QID in one suggestion, just like you’ve done previously in your replies when adding on rationales for tags that didn’t initially have them in the suggestion. Let me know if I can clarify anything!

I promise I’m not dumb, but I’m not sure I grasp it:

As often when I’m going through UWorld, it may be that say the 3rd and then 87th question of the day might pertain to the same question. Which I’ve been inputting at different times, in order as I go (which might be 10 minutes apart, or 2-3 hours apart). How would I put all the QID’s/rationales in a single suggestion, given how spaced apart it is that I encounter, say, a given UWorld question that applies to a given note?

Maybe the idea is very simple and my study-addled brain is giving out on me. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your help, btw.

Oh, I see what you’re saying. The reason I had suggested to include all QIDs relevant to one note is because you’ve included multiple QID tags to one note. Is that only the case when similar questions are bunched together for a UWorld passage, so that there isn’t that separation in time?

Typically, yeah. Sometimes it’s the case that a given question will obviously reference 4 concepts, or something unusual. But other times I might encounter a given concept, say, 3 days apart. And in order to sort of maximize the slow-and-steady approach I’ve just been tagging literally as I go through UWorld, which is about 40-50 questions a day, often separated into different parts of the day.

Some of the earlier ones (those largely missing rationales) I was also figuring out my workflow (and UWorld) and was trying out different approaches/methods. But the one I seem to have landed on is just sort of plug-and-chug alongside my daily reviews, since that gives the most uniform coverage and it occurs in tiny little bit-size portions so it doesn’t seem like much work in the moment, but adds up to significant contributions over time.

I’m happy to adjust, though, if there’s some other way of attaching everything that’s more efficient or helpful on your end.

No, that’s all good. I would just say, if there is a time where you include multiple QIDs to a note - like QIDs coming from a UWorld passage, to include the rationales for each. Outside of that, I wouldn’t want to interrupt the momentum you’ve got with your study routine. All in all, it’s just helpful to have rationales for all QIDs tagged, and it’s all good if those QIDs + rationales are spread out across multiple suggestions with the same note ID

Copy that, easily done and I will keep it in mind as I continue on. I’m hoping to not make your life any harder in the process. :slight_smile: