[03.03.2024] Other, AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 & 2/AnKingMed, ID 1153924

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@anking-maintainers please see the bulk suggestion

upvote this comment if you are in favor for changing all these cards by moving the photo to extra

downvote this comment if you are NOT in favor and do not want these cards to be altered at all



I think we may be creating some duplicates with these changes that could be marked for deletion. For example this card as edited and nid:1496599296288 look very similar now.

Agree with changes made in general though.

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True, we can deal with these after merging

@helen.nguyen @StanG @Bilal @Tahseen @GroupG_Strep93 @FrozenCherry @thomas.holmes

Support as long as we’re sure they don’t come up in any board exams, mutliple cards have UW and NBME tags but not sure if they’re related to the image or not. Agree with CTE, most of these cards will become dupes without the image

@Ahmed7 @thomas.holmes

Not beyond NBME to test lesions based on images i have seen it on many occasions. Would keep


These images will still be in the extra - these cards don’t test the image at all because the image gives you the answer for some of the clozes so you never develop good recall IMO - for example nid: 1496604155753 asks directly for what the nerve roots of the long thoracic nerve are - you should be able to know this off the top of your head but if you just look down at the image it has the roots and nerve labeled so its absolutely a pointless card. Even cloze 1 doesn’t actually test your ability to know the location of the nerve because if you know what the musculocutaneous nerve does, you’ll just find the nerve name in the picture since it’s labeled and not have to actually recall its location

And some of the other clozes are irrelevant to the picture - for example in this note, knowing that the musculocutaneous nerve is responsible for flexing the elbow or forearm sensation should not require having the image (and I think in general images should only be in the text if we are using those images to test the concept - otherwise belongs in extra)

I think cloze 1 could be beneficial if we used unlabeled images (in which case it should be like the brainstem crosssection cards which have a pointer and say ID this structure)

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Strongly agree with @musamalik, i realized my MSK knowledge is not the best and in the short period of time I edited these cards locally. I got a few of these cards incorrect (my issue ofcourse) but this showed me how pointless these cards are since the answer is always right there.

You can still look at the extra and see the exact same thing, yes some might be duplicates but when moving the extra image changes the card from a really low quality zero recall card → much better, increased recall card. I think that is the best choice to make

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@AnKing-Maintainers can we close this one out?

I’m thinking of polling next month for these cards


Just coming back to this, switched my vote to downvote as I’d prefer we just replace this with an image that has the nerve roots and other details unlabeled.

Agree with @Bilal, have also seen this tested where we are given an arrow pointing to one of the nerves and asked something like “lesion to the indicated nerve would result in deficit of which of the following?”

Would definitely be okay with that as long as it’s unlabeled. However, as it is right now, I’d rather the image be in the extra compared to having a labeled image


It seems that we would need a brachial plexus image that is completely unlabeled but just with the numbers 1, 2, 3,… etc. This would solve the issue for many of these cards, then we can have the labelled image with all the nerve labels in the extra

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