[03.13.2024] Updated content, AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 & 2/AnKingMed, ID 1185710

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Note there are 2 cards in this suggestion

This is much easier to read, support this

This card has lots of step 2/3 UW QID and NBME tags so would be hesitant to change text

Step 2 QID 4566 answer is “symptomatic treatment only”. Step 3 QID 11083 answer is also “symptomatic treatment only.” QID 12069 may have incorrectly influenced this card to some extent - answer is to give inhaled bronchodilator because patient has underlying asthma and presents with wheezing (still, explanation table for all three QIDs says “NSAIDs and/or bronchodilators”).

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We can change to “symptomatic treatment only”

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I got this info from Amboss isn’t that higher on the hierarchy?

I’m fine with either supportive management or symptomatic care - just wanted to give context from the tagged UW questions

Support changing to symptomatic management.

Think the text is fine as is personally but okay with changing to symptomatic management, but wouldn’t put antitussives in text as Amboss says “They are generally avoided, as their efficacy has not been proven. They may be considered for nighttime use if the cough is significantly interfering with sleep.”

I added it bec it was the only other one they bolded…

ya that’s fair, i don’t understand why they would bold it then say they are generally avoided

The way I understand it is that theyre avoided bec we want pts to cough out the gunk in their lungs cuz if it just sits there thats a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

Antitussives are reserved for when the cough is bec of irritation and is nonproductive and its just keeping the pt awake but not actually clearing out the lungs

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