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Also found this card to be confusing; is this trying to get at something we’re missing? Has been updated according to UWorld in the past

AMBOSS diabetes article puts normal at <100 (https://next.amboss.com/us/article/3g0SE2?q=diabetes)
AMBOSS hypoglycemia article defines hypoglycemia as <70 in people w/ diabetes, <55 in people w/o diabetes (https://next.amboss.com/us/article/Pg0Wv2?q=hypoglycemia#Z2073da4b63c47c15dfe991223a4d9cd2)

70-100 is def correct. The Step 3 UW QID used for previous update agrees, too.

70 to 100 of fasting blood glucose, >100 to 125 is prediabetic and 126 and above is diabetic.
In case of random BS, upto 200 is taken as inconclusive and 200 or greater with symptoms of diabetes is taken as diagnostic.

I think it would be ideal to mention it is “fasting” BG