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@bbh001 What about the behavior indicated cultural capital?

This one stumped me something awful.

There’s a good amount of passage here, but: villagers engaging in behavior that improved child mortality. Pivotally, the form of capital that they evinced was one, obviously, that confers an advantage (as all forms of capital).

The passage indicates that this behavior (a type of ‘positive deviance’) was exhibited by individuals, and not part of a group or other social communication. Nor did it involve any money, or resource-spending.

In this case, of the three major kinds of capital (economic, social, and cultural), the behavior evinced was individual behavior not linked to economic, or social means. Being a nonfinancial, and nonsocial asset (i.e., hard work, education, attractiveness) it is best deemed cultural capital (the other answer options are economic, social, and human).

It is safe to assume that I did not, in fact, get this one right. :frowning:

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