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@Michael_B, I like the suggestion. Seems a helpful little annotation (though my OCD wants to add a period at the end of the card).

Added! There’s another excerpt in Extra added in. If it’s something we’re not sure would be necessary/relevant to get a question right on the MCAT (that’s our “litmus test” for suggestions) and/or if it’s not mentioned in the rationale, I usually ask the author if they can provide whether it was something needed for a UWorld Q or another practice resource. I can definitely see how this detail would be asked of. I’ll go ahead & ask to confirm where from particularly

Hey @fohanc , did you find the additional detail added to Extra to be needed/referenced on a practice question and/or source? If so, could you provide which one in particular?

That’s a good point. As a general rule, if there is added content/detail/fact we want to be asking for sources cited? Just generally across the board, as best practice?

Yes - only when there’s content changes/additions, but we can just search it on our own (that’s what I’ll often do). We do wanna get to the point where rationales do include this on a regular basis tho, which is why I push for it.

I think that’s a very good habit to try to normalize, for a few reasons. Definitely seems like solid best-practice.

This was given some emphasis in QId: 403599, mentioned three times, I think to stress that the cell membrane is so fluid.

Also, I realize the extra is misleading without stating what “they” refers to. The answer explanation said: “Diverse proteins are scattered (the mosaic) and able to migrate laterally through the phospholipid environment of the cell membrane.”

I’d like to suggest a new category of edits, which is just for fixing any formatting issues. The perfectionist in me gets annoyed seeing underlines entering the space between words and punctuation also being bolded/underlined/green-lit, but I’d hate to flood the suggestions page with these kind of edits.

I think the ‘other’ option fits well enough for that?

At the very least, it’s a serviceable option in the short-term. I’m uncertain as to whether or not another category for edits can, or will, be added.

I wasn’t sure if that’s what the ‘other’ option was for, but now I have a confirmation.

“Other” or “Spelling/Grammar” since these sorts of edits fall under punctuation would be all good

No, all good. Completely understandable - I honestly will correct these sorts of things if I notice them so it’s all the more merrier to have some help with tracking them down. Thanks @fohanc !

Perfect, thanks @fohanc ! I’ll merge this suggestion. And “they” is fine to include since users usually understand that Extra is in reference to what is in Text - in this case, “transmembrane proteins”

No problem. Glad the effort is appreciated.

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