[05.09.2024] Spelling/Grammar, AnKing-MCAT/AnKingMed, ID 1467159

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@Michael_B, this is a good one to get your gauge on. I am personally a fan of more concise wording and more clipped clozes with hints, but this is a good example of where I’d love to get your thoughts.

It’s ideal to have the term itself at or very close to the beginning of the sentence; the suggested version does that but it doesn’t allow for much clarity on what c2 is asking for because it immediately follows the term; the original version makes it more clear that the first c2 is asking for the definition

We can just include a hint in c2 of the suggested version to get around this with the added benefit of having the term at the beginning. Another less-than-ideal component to the original version is the term “vasoconstriction” is immediately followed by a comma and then a descriptor. It just isn’t that clear what c3 is asking for in that case, which is why the hint is needed there

Lastly, having more of a sequential order to clozes (c1 first, then c2, etc in terms of order) is just more streamlined; not essential, just a plus

So, all in all, I’ll just add the hint to c2 “::does what” and we’ll merge this suggestion

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