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Not an acceptable source. but you bring up a good point (this card was originally made from the Savarese 3rd edition which is outdated and was wrong)

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This suggestion brings up a valid point (inhibition of parasympathetic would decrease GI motility and therefore tx diarrhea not constipation) but with that being said Sacral Inhibition is NOT found in Savarese 4th edition. and I do not see it listed on AMBOSS either. So want to bring y’all in on this to discuss do we update the cloze or delete the card entirely? Has anyone seen this tested? I personally have not.

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I agree that it should be for diarrhea, not constipation. A fundamental concept is that the sacral nerves are parasympathetic (pro gi motility) so inhibiting it would do the opposite.

I’ma push this for rn to correct the card, but we might want to discuss if keeping inhibition in the deck is necessary