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@Brian_BH Does QID 401896 require another formula to calculate temp and the vant hoff factor? Sounds like this is a two-step process before plugging in for the osmotic pressure equation

In this case it gives you the osmotic pressure for another solution, which allows you to determine the values for i and T. The presumption here is that you’re using the same initial conditions, with only the concentration changing, so really it boils down to using the osmotic equation twice. Once to find the initial values, and then for the same substance with a new value for concentration.

At the beginning you get i, M, and obviously R is known. You have to solve for T. Then, it asks you to solve for osmotic pressure if M is changed from 0.04 to 0.1, which engages you in using the same equation again but with a new M.

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Or, I guess, if you were using your noodle you could just realize that the only thing changing is the molarity, and that 0.1 is 2.5x greater than 0.04 and that would make it much easier.

But I am dumb and did not think of that until just now. :disappointed: