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AMBOSS states “The 2020 GINA guidelines recommend considering a low-dose ICS with or without a rescue inhaler for children 6–11 years old, and low-dose ICS-formoterol as needed for patients ≥ 12 years old. They no longer recommend SABA-only therapy in either group based on evidence of lower mortality and hospital admissions when patients receive ICS.”

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Support based on source given but AMBOSS itself says no ICS, so unsure

Can confirm on GINA 2023. The rational is preventing attacks by only SABA was found to have higher mortality rate because of risk of recurrence.

However last I checked, NAEPP hadn’t updated it’s guidelines.

Formoterol is a LABA, right?
We just went through our respiratory block in class and they definitely stressed “never” to give a SABA without ICS. I’ve only ever really seen SABA tested in this context but those are mostly Step 1 questions so up to y’all

It was my understanding that this update was to put pt on continuous low done steroid, not PRN

Papi A, Blasi F, Canonica GW, Morandi L, Richeldi L, Rossi A. Treatment strategies for asthma: reshaping the concept of asthma management. Allergy Asthma Clin Immunol. 2020;16:75. Published 2020 Aug 15. doi:10.1186/s13223-020-00472-8