[05.18.2024] Other, AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 & 2/AnKingMed, ID 1502393

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Card 1:

Card 2: this card

These are HY concepts and think its okay as original formatting

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I think the runoff text
makes it slightly difficult to differentiate where the treatment for each one overlaps, esp. if you’re new to this concept

Adding a bit of spacing imho would help + make it clear
Just a formatting change

I think we’ve gotten suggestions in the past on this card/other one regarding this too
That’s why I thought to do it

@AnKing-Maintainers really think adding a line in between helps understand the card better

I agree that adding the space would help, this is a similar change I make to my cards locally when I just start them. Card is testing more than two concepts in a single card so the space between the two will help visually and allow for faster reviews without taking away anything. Only really helping.

I did reject a suggestion this week due to someone not understanding the format or what the card was asking. This change could help.

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Reason i think it should stay as original is this is really HY. I think one should slow down during reviews and read carefully. Any formatting change can just be done locally and protected if needed. Dont see why this would be needed for 50,000 people personally. Its never really been an issue

To someone who might just be learning it, it could hard to decipher where the treatment for Neisseria ends and where Chlamydia’s begins

Adding a space helps to understand that the treatment for N is different, and the treatment for C is different, but they’re just given together

Personally, I haven’t been confused before, but I’ve seen some people suggest this
And after seeing the card with the extra line, I feel going back to without the line seems like a downgrade

I don’t feel making stuff clearer is a a bad thing, after all, it is okay for things to be easy imho

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This is my thought to. At first with this change and others similar I don’t think it’s necessary. It would unneedy change a card for 50K+ people. Then I see suggestions were someone is confused by the format and it makes me wonder how many other people are confused, but don’t submit suggestions to change.

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