[06.08.2024] New content, AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 & 2/AnKingMed, ID 1693703

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@frederickdouglass please fix your HTML code on submissions since it’s changing the background color and such. It’s likely being caused by an addon. I fixed it for you in this submission.

I only just saw this - my apologies. I submitted a few more between when you sent this message and when I saw it. I will for sure do that in the future, except that I’m not entirely sure what you mean (I’m not exactly an expert in coding). From my understanding, when I submit a change on ankihub.net, I’m just typing something into the relevant field, which shouldn’t have any interaction with how I have formatted my cards.

Hey, I was wondering if you’ll have a chance to offer clarification on your message.

Thank you so much!

@frederickdouglass If you’re using AnkiHub by itself, it shouldn’t make any changes to the card’s HTML coding. However, some Anki addons can change the card’s “coding” to have formatting issues which will change font color, background color, etc. You can click on the “Show Source” button on your submissions and see if it added a bunch of random text. If it continues to be an issue, you’ll need to figure out which addon is doing it. That’s outside my knowledge of how to identify it. :slightly_frowning_face:

No problem, thank you so much! I can do that for sure.