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@Ahmed7 With this paragraph-style addition, it doesn’t necessarily add to the info in the card - it gives reasoning as to how the principle, created by Heisenberg, was concluded. Thoughts on including it?

I can’t speak to this necessarily but this is nice to have a first-time learner. Ideally we reduce the text as much as possible to what is necessary

@shmuelsash @herstein.jacob what do you guys think?

Seems like unnecessary addition - not wrong, but fails the litmus test of “will I ever see this on an exam/need to understand it to get a question right”

Great point!

I agree with rationale, knowing why often helps with long term memorization but I would make it much shorter

What about

“Heisenberg’s principle highlights that measuring an electron’s position or momentum disturbs the other because the measurement itself alters the electron’s state.”

Comparing the original & shortened versions of this Extra section with the “Text” section, I think the same concept could be understood with either, so for brevity, I’m thinking we can leave out this paragraph in Extra. For reference, here’s what’s in the text:

Hey all, I will close out this suggestion since the gist of what is proposed to be added in Extra is more or less covered in what we have in the Text.