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This would directly contradict the extra; think this originally comes from the Sketchy vids?

yes i think it comes from sketchy. Im fine with leaving card as is unless this directly gets mentioned in a UWorld Q or AMBOSS Q that it is comma shaped. I was under the impression comma was reserved for Vibrio spp only so that’s my only concern

@herstein.jacob @shmuelsash @Sameem

My thoughts exactly. I thought comma was vibrio

But didn’t we decide that amboss is first line?

UWorld: Campylobacter jejuni is an oxidase-positive, gram-negative, curved rod that is a leading cause of gastroenteritis. The pathogen is a zoonotic organism most commonly contracted by consuming contaminated, undercooked poultry. The infection is marked by fever, abdominal pain, and diarrhea that may be bloody. [6731]

:drooling_face:Amboss says comma, WHO says curved and NIH says corkscrew. Figure this one out lol.

I think we can stick to curved, but mention that AMBOSS calls it comma

Have to stick with UWorld.
I’d love to go with NIH

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