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not sure if this is what they mean by “increase” the risk. AMBOSS just defines it, but this card is asking what increases the risk for Caplan syndrome. AMBOSS says “A syndrome that occurs in individuals with both rheumatoid arthritis and occupational pneumoconiosis (e.g., silicosis, asbestosis, berylliosis, anthracosis).” however, card asks for what increases the risk for said syndrome. lmk if I’m wrong

Coal workers pneumoconiosis and anthracosis are two side of the same disease caused by, well, carbon inhalation. Also I think the card js wrongly phrased, it has nothing to do with risk, caplan syndrome is defined as RA + occupational lung disease. Need other maintainers to weigh in.

AMBOSS mentions increased risk for caplan syndrome for coal worker pneumoconiosis only. I think card is good as is however

Couldn’t find a UWorld QID, here’s NIH

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