[11.05.2023] Spelling/Grammar, AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 & 2/AnKingMed, ID 790030

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AMBOSS says in red text “Benzodiazepines are deliriogenic. Do not treat delirious patients with benzodiazepines unless the delirium is due to alcohol or benzodiazepine withdrawal.”

Then in the prevention “non-pharmacologic prophylaxis” says “Reduce exposure to modifiable risk factors.
Avoid drugs that can worsen delirium (e.g., benzodiazepines, anticholinergics, opioids).”

think this is okay, so don’t give benzos when treating, but also to prevent it from happening in the future (prophylaxis) avoid benzos, antichol, opioids etc.

Added #deck-AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 & 2-AnKingMed and removed #deck-anking-overhaul-for-step-1–2-ankingmed

I agree that the card is vague (as Ahmed said, there are other drug classes that should be avoided, not just benzos), but I’m not sure this suggestion fixes that.