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I’m actually not sure this card is entirely correct, red stool means someone is almost certainly getting a colonoscopy at some point and/or an EGD - seems like this card gets as MASSIVE GI bleed but I’m not so sure that makes a difference, would appreciate if others weigh in here

A teaching point that usually comes up on surgery clerkship often is that your next step is NG tube, before EGD or Colonoscopy. Less emphasis on massive, but also a classic shelf question

the extra field is not right. UGI bleeds have bright red emesis, and coffee ground emesis comes from LGI bleeds.

Coffee grounds are usually UGI bleeds. Here, the question is if the source of the bleed is UGI or lower GI. If it is clearly an UGI (coffee ground or just frank blood), you don’t need an NG tube. But if it is unknown, then NG tube is recommended. It can help with preparation of endoscopy too by getting rid of crap in the stomach. Also the extra text is verbatim from the extra image. Not sure where it’s from — maybe from OME?

approving since it’s just rewriting card with what’s already in, can determine if it’s correct in another suggestion