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Context from AMBOSS: “Birth–12 months (may be a normal finding up to 24 months) – A positive Babinski sign at > 24 months of age is a sign of an upper motor lesion. [highlighted for Step 1]” (https://next.amboss.com/us/article/b40H3T?q=babinski+sign#Z2a607d2bb3ffb9990e4d95b6b0eb97c7)

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Old version said 12 months but now card says 24 months; think original edit wasn’t entirely correct because it does normally/usually disappear by 12 months but clinically can be normal until 24 months.


I thought we had already pushed this tbh - I think it’s a good idea, though I would restructure a bit to simplify…

By what age does the Babinski reflex usually disappear?

{{c1::12 months}}

However, can be normal up to age {{c1::24 months}}