3 checkpoint goals for the 1st quarter

So right now we have a few things to clean up before the deck is ready to go. We have gotten the tasks organized into buckets:

1) Revising current 2E content
2) Deleting and replacing 1E content
3) Adding physics content

Our goal with the 2E content is for it to consistently represent core book material as closely to copy and paste as possible while also being a reasonable study card. Unfortunately, when merging the crowd sourced decks many of the cards were duplicated but imperfectly duplicated making it difficult to automatically find and delete duplicates. Some book content was also missed which will need filling in. Additionally we have two specific goals:

a) Replace jpg images with png images for improved  graphics quality of associated pages/extras.
b) Add page tags to each card. Adding page tags not only makes it convenient to read a page and then unlock the associated cards. It will also make it much easier to edit subsections in the future. It also ensures that there are indeed cards for each page. 

Our second goal is to replace 1E content with 2E content. Decks with 1E content ONLY are:

  • 02_02_Hepatic Doppler
  • 02_06 Esophagus
  • 02_07 Stomach
  • 02_10 Mesentery, peritoneum…
  • 03_01 Retroperitoneum
  • 03_08 Scrotum and testicle
  • 04_01 Imaging of the early pregnancy
  • 04_02 Pregnancy Dating
  • 04_03 Early Pregnancy Prognosis
  • 04_04 Ectopic Pregnancy
  • 04_05 Miscellaneous first trimester…
  • 04_06 Multiple Gestations …
  • 04_07 Complications of monocho…
  • 04_08 Evaluation of the first trimester…
  • 05_01 Introduction to breast cancer
  • 06_02 Cerebrovascular
  • 06_06 Pulmonary
  • 06_08 Kidneys
  • 08_01 Aortic anatomy and variants
  • 11_04 Salivary Glands
  • 11_07 Mucosal spaces
  • 11_10 Neck infections and…
  • 11_12 Foot and ankle

This is quite a few decks with only 1st edition content and will add to our timeline. You can help by continuing to proofread our edits by studying cards or looking through for errors.

We have decided to sacrifice the physics quick review chapter of core (for now) due to it being difficult to read and a poor learning resource for those encountering imaging physics for the first time. Rather than memorizing random facts with no context we will use a better resource for imaging physics.

We have decided to use Dr. Michael Nel’s course on Radiology Tutorials. He has currently finished his x-ray, ultrasound, and basic physics courses and is working on his MRI course. When we get to this portion of the project we will make an update about how we will tag these cards as ankihub unfortunately at this time does not support adding new subdecks to an already constructed deck.

Please continue to make card suggestions as we cannot proofread all these cards ourselves. Adding images from radiopedia or other trusted sources for cards that describe imaging findings but do not have images is perfectly acceptable too. Appreciate your replies.

I’ve noticed recently a lot of empty cards/missing images. Not sure if it is due to my image collection not being correct or an error. Some are cloze cards with missing images and others are simply what look like empty cards or maybe image occlusion cards that are missing all images?


Anki id: 1705524887216

Anki id: 1705524887220

Anki id: 1703630252012

Anki id: 1705524887228

These are just a few. Perhaps the Mega isnt up to date with all the newest images? Or maybe the version I have (last downloaded in mid December) is old?

Those are indeed IO cards. The mega is not up to date with all the new images. It could also be an issue with hub and IO cards which has happened before. For now I would just suspend card type IO. We will look into it.

Any chance we could get an updated mega or media file?
Thank you for all your hard work and help :slight_smile: