Ankihub addon is not updated for latest anki

the version of ankihub addon is not updated for the latest anki and I have tried everything with no result

Add-on Startup Failed

The following add-ons failed to load: ⁨

They may need to be updated to support this version of Anki. Click the Check for Updates button to see if any updates are available.

You can use the Copy Debug Info button to get information that you can paste in a report to the add-on author.

For add-ons that don’t have an update available, you can disable or delete the add-on to prevent this message from appearing.

Many addons are broken for 23.10

Please revert back to 2.1.66 if you would like to continue using the ankihub addon. We apologize for this. We will update you once ankihub addon works on 23.10

Thanks for your reply it solved my problem with addon

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