AnkiHub Collaborative Decks: New cards added are not sorted into subdecks


I am a maintainer on a collaborative deck with a fellow classmate and we noticed the following issue regarding adding new cards.

When uploading new cards to AnkiHub they are only uploaded to the top level deck, and no subdecks are affected. This has made it difficult for subscribers to the deck to locate the new and updated cards, as they are not readily available when studying the subdeck they were intended for. Users are not notified when new cards are added, so they cannot see that there have been any changes to the subdecks they are studying.

TL;DR: If we’re studying for Repro Exam 1, we can’t see when a new card is added to that deck specifically, so it gets lost. It just gets added to the top-level deck, “First Year.”

Thank you

An update that adds Subdeck support was just added today! Before this subdecks weren’t supported. Unfortunately there’s not a great way to update existing decks except for adding tags. I believe that feature will be added soon. @jakub.f might have a timeline

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