AnKing MCAT P/S Mistake?

I’m seeing a discrepancy here. Anyone know the right answer?


@msc298 These two cards are referring to the same theory. This is evidenced by how the Khan Academy video linked in the 2nd card references Thurnstone when it discusses this theory; both cards also reference specifically “7” factors.

It seems like the above card is from the Mr Pankow deck & the below card is from our AnKing deck before we merged it with Mr Pankow.

To fact check the content here, the Khan Academy video does cite that Thurnstone’s theory “may suggest an underlying ‘g factor’ because all the factors seem to correlate.” The 7 factors are distinct & independent (see reference below). The confusion might come in with the latter part of the above quote “all the factors seem to correlate.” This is essentially getting at how, if someone performs well on one factor, they’re likely to do the same in the others - so it’s not that the factors correlate but one’s competency in them usually does, at least that’s what Thurnstone proposed as noted in the KA video.

What I’ve done is deleted the top card you shared (nid: 1590815129333) and adjusted the bottom one to reference LL Thurnstone as the theorist & to clarify confusion by writing “May suggest an underlying “g factor” because scores on the 7 factors tend to vary together”