Broken Note Types

Hi! All of my cards are coming up like this for the MCAT deck all of a sudden. Is there anyway I can fix this?


Can you reset your anking note type?

You will need the anking note types addon downloaded

cc @abdo.nh

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Hi! I do not have that option bar at the top. How do I make sure I have the correct add-on? Everything was working fine before for months, so I think I should have it downloaded already

The Anking note type is looking like this now, which I know is incorrect.

Download this addon and you will see it:

We got some reports of this issue but we’re not sure what’s causing it. What’s your Anki version? Did you do any notable actions before the issue appeared?

Hi! I downloaded the plug-in again and then reverted to a backup before I had this issue, and it fixed the issue. I belive it started after I tried to add my own card to the physics deck.