Card Scheduling is thrown off after the most recent sync with Ankihub

Hey all, I wanted to ask if this has happened to anyone before. I noticed that from the most recent syncing, my card scheduling is thrown off a bit

AnkiHub cannot change card scheduling, you can however restore from a backup if you would like. Did the prompt “upload to ankiweb” or download from ankiweb show up around this time

Thanks for the video Ahmed! I went ahead and studied even I had a messed up card scheduling info and modified the due dates of some card manually as I was studying. Is there any way that I could “restore the scheduling” somehow at all? Because doing what the video suggests would get rid of all studying yesterday as well.

Unfortunately there is no way I can think of other than manually resetting the scheduling. You can change when a card is due, so if you know what dates you want to set the card or cards to, you can do that.

But restoring scheduling completely to what it was before must be done through restoring back to a backup

Gotcha thank you again for your help :slight_smile: