Cards seem unorganized in Step2 Anking: Am I using tags wrong?

I’m an MD/PhD student trying to get ready for third year. When I was studying for step 1, I was using a big zanki deck that had a tag overhaul (so it was one big deck, and all the cards were organized by tags). It looks like this:


I just made subdecks based on the tags, so that I got to learn all of, say, cardio path together so that it’d all chunk together in my mind. When I finished all the cardio path cards, I’d move on to renal path cards, while reviewing the cardio path cards I’d already learned.

I’m trying to prep for MS3, so I’m just starting to do AnKing for Step 2. I thought that would be a good start. There’s a bit of a problem, though. I thought I would start studying just going rotation by rotation, so I unsuspended all the cards under the tag: #AK_Step2_v12::!Shelf::IM. My plan was to finish the IM cards and then go on to the next rotation I felt like trying, maybe FM or peds. I don’t think this was a good idea; at very least it’s not working out how I would’ve liked. The cards aren’t in any particular order, so my new cards seem pretty random - I get a card on an STI, and the next one is on asystole. It’s really hard to chunk this information together like I was able to when studying for step1. Is there a way to use the tags so that I’m getting all the IM cards, but in an order that they’re grouped together by maybe organ system? Or maybe something like IM cardio path, then IM endo path, etc until I’m done with path, and then it goes IM cardio pharm, IM endo pharm, etc.

Thank you so so much for your help. All this has been pretty overwhelming to me.

I wouldn’t do resources by rotation for the reason you have described. Try going by #Subjects instead, there’s no “IM” category but it’s split up into specialties, topics and sometimes subtopics. Hope this helps!

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