Critical Care Deck - Suggested Reading for Conceptual Learning to Accompany This Deck

Hi! I wanted to introduce myself and ask a brief question. I’m Mike Sheehan, an incoming internal medicine/anesthesia resident planning to subspecialize in critical care. I recently subscribed to AnkiHub and hope to become active in the community. I was curious if anyone knows from where the source material for the Critical Care deck is drawn. I am looking to do some reading to complement the deck. I have been unable to locate the deck creator for a direct message. Please feel free to point me to the appropriate board if I am posting in the wrong place (again, new and still learning the system here). Thank you!

Hey Mike, this is a good place to ask. As we don’t have a fully operational notification / communication system within AnkiHub, dealing with this type of issue will be a little clunky. Let me know which deck you are looking at specifically and I can send the owner a personal message to respond to you in this forum.

Hi Abdulla, I appreciate the reply. The name of the deck is “Critical Care Medicine,” compiled by NSGY. The deck ID is de80d045-63ed-41ed-947b-a37b60b81a0f. I’m mostly interested if they used something like Marino or another ICU text to create the deck.

Thanks again!

I’ve reached out to the deck author and asked them to weigh in here. Hopefully they will respond soon.

I really appreciate it! Thanks so much for your help and hope you have a good one!

The Covid ICU Deck comes from The ICU BOOK by Marino. That deck is certainly worth checking out if you haven’t already!