[Wiki] AnkiBrain MGH Whitebook Cloze Deck by CorellianSmuggler

Welcome to the AnkiBrain MGH Whitebook Cloze Deck Deck Wiki! :tada::star2:

This deck is the sister deck to the AnkiBrain MGH Whitebook 2023-2024 deck currently on Ankihub (Sign In), but this deck focuses on utilizing a cloze card style.

The hope is for this deck to be continually updated even beyond the 2023-2024 version of the MGH Whitebook and be an aid to students utilizing this source.

This is the very initial version of this deck; edits and suggestions are welcome and edits will definitely need to be made to better tune the deck to student’s needs.

Please submit suggestions with valid reasoning and references to anything pertinent.

Source material download: MGH Whitebook (2023-2024) PDF

Thank you very much for creating this deck. If someone can help with tagging that would be greatly appreciated. My goal is to spend the next 3 years of IM residency to polish this deck to the best of my ability as well as copy + paste the relevant MGH book excerpts to provide a much more holistic approach. I would highly advise everyone to use the cloze deletion deck over the traditional one due to a higher level of precise recall and to decrease the vagueness of the question. Thank you!


If you or anyone else you know is interested in being a deck maintainer, please reach out.