[Wiki] AnkiBrain MGH Whitebook 2023-2024 by CorellianSmuggler

Welcome to the AnkiBrain MGH Whitebook 2023-2024 Deck Wiki! :tada::star2:

From Ankibrain reddit post:

"As done previously with the 2019 MGH Whitebook, AnkiBrain was used to make an Anki deck out of the updated 2023-2024 MGH Whitebook, resulting in 13,944 cards.

There continues to be some junk cards (maybe about 20%) that will require removal. Many of the cards seem to be useful however.

Source material download: MGH Whitebook (2023-2024) PDF"

Ankibrain is not listed as a deck maintainer, but has given permission for this deck to be uploaded. If there are suggestions or requested edits/tagging, or if individuals would like to be deck maintainers to help spread and thin the workload and keep this deck current, please send a message!