Empty front field cards

Hello! I am using the Anking V12 but a lot of the cards have an empty front field. Any idea how to fix this? I don’t want to resubscribe because I don’t want to lose the subdecks since the main one now only has tags.

Try downloading the AnKing note types add on, installing the Overhaul note type, and checking “flip to back automatically”

That didn’t not fix the issue unfortunately. I looked up empty cards and I have 362 somehow. What do I do about this?

Also how many cards is Anking V12 supposed to have in total? because I have 43326 overall

You can press delete on those, they have been consolidated under 1 cloze, its better for retention specifically for those cards

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That sounds good! I currently have 43326 cards in my Anking deck, I was wondering if that’s the number of cards I am supposed to have in total

also does “keep notes with no valid cards” needs to be checked when I delete?