Feature Request: Changing Font & Highlight Color Using Settings on AnkiHub Web App

As a maintainer, if I edit a suggestion, it will sometimes turn out to be whited-out or highlighted in white for one reason or another. Right now, I do trial and error with going into the code & taking out what is coding for the white highlight. Reverting via settings make things much more efficient. It would be great if this feature could be applied to all sections of a card involving text (e.g., “Text,” “Extra,” “Additional Resources,” etc)

Maybe the add-on should strip certain HTML tags before creating the suggestion. We could have an allowed list of HTML tags and strip all others. This way, styling can be handled by the note type css.


This would be perfect

Yes please strip the non-breaking spaces (“&nbsp”) as well! :pray:



Removing all unnecessary HTML formatting would be extremely helpful.

Hopefully it won’t strip the table HTML :face_with_peeking_eye:


I feel like telling it ignore HTML for <table></table> shouldnt be too complicated

Yep, not just these but every element inside the html element