Free access day for AnKing deck


As you may know some people may want to update their AnKing deck maybe 2 times a year and for that they pay the monthly price, update their deck and then ask for a refund.

So, I thought instead of this why don’t we have an unlocked day for AnKing deck; like every 3 or 6 month or even once a year.

What do you think about this idea?

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We already have the scholarship option available if people don’t have the ability to pay

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Yes, but that’s just a one-time thing.

After checking Ankihub web I saw some decks are labeled as Unlocked.

For me the idea I proposed make more sense instead of a one-time six-month scholarship!

The scholarship can be renewed if needed. The deck is extremely costly to maintain at this point. If people want to try and cheat the system by downloading and requesting refunds, that’s up to them. I personally do not think that’s very ethical to do and would hope that future physicians are above that. Our hope is that a $5 monthly cost is more than worth it. If it really is an issue of not being able to pay, that’s what the scholarship is for


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