Histology Bootcamp

hey guys,

ive been watching bootcamp histology for my histology nbme exam. i noticed there’s no subdeck histology for bootcamp. can anyone recommend something, ive searched here for decks but didnt find anything so relevant.

I don’t use Bootcamp, so I’m not sure if this is exactly what you need


Do any of these tags reference what you have studied?
These are the Bootcamp tags; there is no separate Bootcamp deck per se

Thank you for your reply, unfortunately the current bootcamp tags do not include their histology course. I think this might be because they didn’t tag their “anatomy bootcamp” section on their website, instead they only tagged the “step 1 preclinical” section.

My friend group has started an optional tag within anking deck for our school courses, but it would be great if bootcamp would create official tags. Perhaps this doesn’t fall in y’alls jurisdiction bc this is a step oriented deck and it seems like histology gets conflated with pathology at most med schools. We have a histology nbme, maybe other schools with histology nbme have great cards based on the bootcamp videos?


There are no tags yet for BootCamp histology. You will need to ask BootCamp directly if they are planning to add these tags in the future. We are not in charge of tagging BootCamp