Incorrect edit: axonal "retraction"

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Someone suggested that axonal reaction be changed to “retraction”. This is wrong since the name of the process is axonal reaction (search UWorld).


We appreciate your suggestion to correct this mistake. Please remember we are a team of unpaid volunteers working in our spare time to improve this deck and unfortunately sometimes things may slip through the cracks. Thankfully, we have users like you who find these mistakes and they are quickly fixed. We ask that you please be patient with us and refrain from attacking members of our team who are just trying to help improve the deck for all users.


Sorry about that. It’s not the first time I find a mistake added though and it’s a bit scary that there may be many more mistakes being added that we are not aware of. I never attacked anyone, just mentioned what happened, but I edited the post and removed that anyways. Apologies for approaching the issue in a wrong way.

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What other mistakes have you found? If you submit suggestions, we can make those changes. When you do submit suggestions, please provide as much specific support as possible. AnkiHub was made so that we can quickly and easily address things like this and rely on a smart community to double check everything.

As mentioned above, this is mostly managed by unpaid volunteers, most of which are students. I personally have made thousands of changes to the deck, but I was very careful to only make changes that I thought were correct. Despite that, I’m sure I made errors. Zanki himself made many errors in the deck that have since been corrected. If you’re unhappy with AnkiHub or the AnKing deck, you’re welcome to use the OG Zanki deck.

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Hi, I initially approved the request. I independently verify every suggestion that I approve including spelling errors. To the effect of this suggestion, I have found multiple PubMed articles using the term “axonal retraction” with nothing in AMBOSS.

This is likely a scenario in which both suggestions are correct. When you are making your suggestions what helps us out is being as specific as possible with your rationale, since we are inundated with hundreds of suggestions per day (almost 1 million total suggestions in 6 months!). Acceptable sources include specific UWorld QIDs + copied explanation + screenshot, specific amboss article links with copied text for rationale, specific FA 2023 page numbers, and other cards in the deck (list specific nid #). Unacceptable sources include FA 2022 or older, Pathoma, B&B, Sketchy, random articles, and Wikipedia.

Our team is great and carefully selected, and we have a rigorous process of approving or rejecting each submission. If the card is shown to be high-yield we almost always consult with each other for a second opinion. However, this card is not high yield at all and you likely never see any test questions on this concept, and you can trust in our expertise when weighing all of that into our decision.

As mentioned above, the best way to correct these errors is to help us by making submissions with acceptable sources. Thanks for being a part of the community :slight_smile:


I guess the term “axonal retraction” does exist, but it is not in reference to the same thing that USMLE sources are talking about, which is nucleus and Nissl body displacement, with swelling of the cell. That is axonal reaction, a cell body change in reaction to an axonal injury.

Axonal retraction on the other hand refers to a retraction of the axon itself, but the flashcard was talking about the cell body’s reaction, not the axon itself and what is happening to it.

See the flashcard text: In response to axon damage, the neuron cell body undergoes {{c1::axonal retraction}}, which is the swelling of the cell body and dispersion of Nissl substance ({{c2::chromatolysis}})

So I don’t believe both suggestions are correct.

See UWorld question ID #494, the correct answer is axonal reaction, and the explanation says: “The changes seen in the neuronal body after the axon is severed are called axonal reaction”. And then the explanation goes on the discuss the things that happen in the cell body during axonal reaction. They aren’t both correct suggestions, the original card was correct, and the new edit is wrong. Axonal RETRACTION refers to something that happens to the axon, but reaction refers to the cell body’s reaction to an axonal injury.

Please see my above reply, as it somehow didn’t tag you.

I added the specific source to this thread and to the edit on AnkiHub.

When this erroneous edit was added, it was accepted without a source, and now to revert it, I have to provide a source -.- (it is UWorld QID #494).

I’m very happy with AnkiHub and thankful for everyone’s efforts. However, I know that you scored 260+ on your steps, so the likelihood of you making a substantial error is negligible. on the other hand, when everyone (including me) is able to edit, mistakes are going to be much more likely.

No worries. You can just DM me a screenshot of the question in point and I will make the change for you on the related notes :slight_smile: