Media Sync not getting missing media

I have issue with Media Sync
The whole point of this feature is to get new media and available(On Ankihub) missing media. right?
So why I’m not getting this media

for this note?

Things I did:
1- Resubscribed to the deck thus redownloaded the whole deck!
2- Used Sync with Ankihub
3- “Media Sync:” was Downloading and now is Idle but still no trace of this image “66fcdafa4de966222c434e06c6500e15.jpg”
Should I get it from somewhere else? Or it should get downloaded into my media folder with Media Sync?
Because there is no image with name 66fcdafa4de966222c434e06c6500e15 in any (specially that one with almost 30000 media file)
There are some other notes with this situation!
I restored a backup file, and this image previous name is paste-222612449919428.jpg (I noticed I can see the previous media name from Note changes history a bit late :slight_smile: )
It’s happening with other images too they have new name in additional resources.
They are not getting downloaded with Media Sync either.

This was one of my images that I added back into the additional resources, I was sure I pasted the original source code which was " img src=“paste-222612449919428.jpg”/> but everytime i submit it to ankihub, it gets switched to img src=“66fcdafa4de966222c434e06c6500e15.jpg”>.

Which is maybe why you are not seeing it since we do not have an AnkiHub_ImageReady::AdditionalResources tag, this might be a bug? Since all the other ones were working fine

I have manually added the previous source back on ankihub. Please let me know if it is working for you after downloading

Let me know if any other ones are having this issue :slight_smile:

I have opened up a support request regarding this to see what might be causing this. I want to make sure you can see the previous extra images in the additional resources!

I have noticed these html changes, I am going through manually and changing them all back, sorry about this

Let me know if you can now see this in additional resources nid: 1473289461901

Yes, now I’m seeing that particular note image which I mentioned in additional resources after syncing.
I was commenting about other cards with the same situation which it seems you noticed already.
But another question:
Are there still notes which their additional resources are needed to be added?
Because I’m seeing a lot of them in ImageReady tag which that field is empty!

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Yes, so we only decided this a few days ago, only 3 people total have uploaded images for their section, I still have a bit to go, and two others still need to add back into additional resources.

It will be done shortly, this is a huge project and takes a lot of time to coordinate everything

We promise all previous images in extra will be placed back into additional resources for you and everyone else.

Thank you for bringing this up, I would not have noticed otherwise, we will get this bug fixed, for now I will resubmit with the proper sources, it should be done around tonight :slight_smile:

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All the ones you were not able to see before should be fixed now. Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you!

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I found one which is not fixed( You tried to fix it but it didn’t)
I commented on it in Ankihub web.
I hope there is a notification feature about comment in Ankihub web.
If I found more, I’ll comment on them.
Another thing is that there is a styling issue with word ‘Atlas:’ in some of fixed notes. It’s a minor issue but I thought I should bring it up.

Okay I fixed the one you commented on, thank you! :slight_smile:

For the Atlas thing, if you would like you can suggest a change just putting a space in between and I will be more than happy to accept those for you!

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