New cards AnKing-MCAT appearing in separate deck

I have 1,186 cards that have been appearing into deck that was automatically created. It is titled “AnKing-MCAT.” The deck I have been studying daily from is another deck titled AnKing-MCAT (AnkiHub) and it contains 5,097 cards. I believe this happened because the destination was not set correctly under “deck management.”

  1. Have I fixed the issue by setting the destination to my daily study deck -AnKing-MCAT (AnkiHub) ? Could you provide more information regarding how cards are updated ?

  2. I would like to merge these decks since it appears I have one deck with new unused cards. How do I do this without damaging any of my progress made on the deck I study from ?

Please see this post: Why do I have two AnKing decks?

Thank you Ahmed. I’ve looked at the posited solution and successfully changed the destination. However, this does not fully address the questions I posted

You will need to move all the cards from the deck you do not want to the deck you want. Once you have moved all the cards, you can delete the duplicate deck.

Make sure the deck you want to keep is also the one you set for the new destination.

To change the deck

  1. Go to browse
  2. On the left hand side find decks
  3. Click on the deck that you do not want to keep anymore
  4. Cmd + A to highlight all the cards
  5. Right click → change deck → select the deck you want to keep

Yes, if you want the (ankihub) deck to be the one that stays, then changing the destination to this deck means all new cards will stay there in that deck. A duplicate deck will not be created

Cards are updated based on their note IDs. Every card has a unique note ID, for example (1234567890). If AnkiHub detects that note ID, it will update it based on what it has on the website.

See the steps above, you will not lose any progress if you move them

Thank you Ahmed. I was able to successfully follow your instructions. I have a new problem now which is all the new cards (over 1,000 cards) have been unsuspended in my current deck, which greatly increases new & due cards. I am fine taking on some new cards, however I would like to lighten the load so it is more manageable… How would you untangle this problem in the most effective way?

From reading your other responses, I understand there are two new types of cards. New cards entirely and new clozes. How could I differentiate these two new cards types? I was thinking a possible solution is to suspend the entirely new cards that have been recently added

Your help is greatly appreciated!

Any thoughts?

Sorry for the late reply.

You can go to browse → filter by due date → it will show you all the new cards vs cards that have a due date → you can then suspend all the ones that say “new”

Yes, I recommend this

To prevent this from happening in the future. Go to the ankihub addon → deck management → AnKing MCAT → adjust these settings below:

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