OME & OME_Banner Tag Issue - or is it OMEly me?


I am having difficulty with the OME tags. These are the only cards I want to study right now, but the links within the cards are not working. I have an active OME account and I am logged in, but no dice. Also, when I log into OME, the Anki info all disappears- I imagine that this is because I have had my subscription now for 1.5 years and maybe this new Anki collaboration only works for folks with new subscriptions? Unclear. Just wondering if anyone here knows if maybe that is the reason I am having so much trouble accessing the links on the OME cards?


They redid their website so none of the links work anymore. We set them all to just the one link for now and we’re working with them to get things updated

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T-3wks until my step 2. I intend on going through all of these. If I update some as I go, do you want me to submit them for incorporation?

I don’t think it’s necessary. We’ll probably be able to do it programmatically based on the tags. What would be helpful is submitting changes to the tags if there are issues.

If you want to join our slack group chat, we have a small group that’s been working on this. Email me at