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Hi Anking, How can I learn Anking Step 2 on a specific field only (such as nephrology or cardiology) instead of learning all the fields at a time?

You can utilize filtered custom decks to achieve this.

You can see how to do this here (you can basically pick what tags you want to study):

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Thank you for this.
I would like to study nephrology of step2, so I searched “nephrology step2” on Select tag to search add on and they have lots of tags like this picture. How can I add all of them at one time instead of write all of the tags?

Using the custom study feature, you can go to first aid tags which are usually most inclusive, they contain almost everything. Then you can hold left click with your mouse and scroll down, this will select the tags. You can only select a max of 100 tags

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Thank you Ahmed, I got it. By the way, do you mean first aid tags for Step 1? I don’t see first aid tags for Step 2 in Anking.

Yes step 1. But you can use other tags, shelf is good as well I presume. I haven’t started step 2 studying so apologies I don’t have much experience with step 2 tags haha

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