Submitting New Notes Issue

When submitting new card suggestions it send the note as is. It should not submit your protected fields and or tags. In the following two suggestions you can see it has my tags that are protected as well as images in fields I have protected.

@Andrew any idea on the timeline one this? I am actively submitting notes for step 3 which is a major gap in the anking community.

Can you submit from the add dialog screen before adding stuff to protected fields and then add the stuff you want and add the card to Anki?

Thats a bunch of extra steps especially when it comes to having to retype tags and copy media over and over instead of being able to use “frozen fields” feature for both.

I suppose we also could just edit the suggestion on ankihub before accepting it.

Makes sense. It’s on the list of things to do, I just don’t know how long it’ll take

A fix for this is already in progress. It will probably be released on monday.


Thanks everyone!

We have already delivered a fix for this. Thank you for your report.