Subscription purchase is not reflected in my account


My yearly membership expires tomorrow (1/6/24). On Jan 3, I canceled my renewal for the yearly membership and purchased the lifetime access membership. The purchase has gone through and the $240 charge has been posted to my credit card account as of this morning, however, this purchase is not reflected in my account nor is it in the invoice history. I used the email that is associated with my account for the lifetime access purchase. I have attached a screenshot of the page that shows my current membership status. Could you help me with sorting this out, please? Thank you!


This is normal behavior since a “lifetime” subscription is not really a “subscription” since its forever. Therefore, it will not show up on Stripe.

On our end, your account is now lifetime. I have also sent you a receipt for your own records

Let us know if you need anything else!

Great. Thanks a lot!

I have the same issue/request, and would appreciate the receipt of my purchase of lifetime subscription. Thank you.

A receipt has been sent to your email

Let us know if you need anything else!

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