Suggestions submitted through the web interface cause problems when the card contains math

I didn’t edit any of the equations on this card but they show up as edited once I submitted the suggestion. It looks like some of these characters were not escaped properly to render in a browser.

note: e9ec2f30-1bd6-46f4-93fc-eaaaac28356f

@neheller @Nick this suggestion was submitted through the webapp or through the addon?

Which changes were the intended ones in this suggestion?

This change was submitted through the webapp. The intended changes are simple removal of html tags around the words “how far” in the cloze hint. Everything else happened unintentionally.

Thanks, @neheller. We are already investigating this :bug:

When I have more updates about this I’ll notify you in this topic :slight_smile:

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Hello @neheller!

Good news: we made an update to the webapp that solves this issue. Could you test it out and report if you encounter any more issues?

Thanks for the bug report!

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