This has page been bothering me for a long time, can it be fixed? It looks fine in Qt5 but is lopsided in Qt6

This is leftover from V11 and there’s no way for AnkiHub to adjust deck descriptions at the moment. You can just delete it if you want?

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I don’t necessarily need AnkiHub to adjust it, is there a way to manually adjust it to look right in Qt6? If not, how do I delete it?

Probably, but I haven’t looked into it to see what would fix it.

You click a deck to study, then click the “deck descriptions” button and delete everything in there

I got it, all I had to do was change the width under “collapsible2” from 48% to 46%. That said, some of the description page is outdated anyway so it would be cool to see a version updated to v12

Agreed. Like I said AnkiHub can’t do that though and it’s fairly low utility so I’m not sure when it’ll be able to do that

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